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Motor and electronic control unit assembly
High efficiency screw feeder with double spiral track structure.

During the assembly process of the motor and controller unit of an electric vehicle, there are many screw tightening positions, such as capacitors, signal connectors, bronze plates, IGBT modules, breathing valves, waterproof plugs, connectors, shield plate, hexagonal columns, fuse plate, control panel, and the upper and lower covers of the cabinet, all of these need screw tightening. During the motor assembly process, which need screw tightening are the flux concentrators, the back cover of commutator , pulley, baffle, control board, cover of terminals, rotating stator, and the junction box. Mostly of the screws are M2.5 to M8 standard specification, screws with elastic spacer and nut. All of these applications, we can provide reliable screw feeders and tightening modules to make your production line automatic.
In addition, we have a reliable R&D team which can provide customized solutions to meet your needs with specific applications, such as cleaning functions, scan code guns and pick-up tables.

Motor and electronic control unit assembly



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