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Corporate Vision

4216com曾半仙Innovation makes wisdom into life

Corporate mission

We focus on and explore customer needs, continue to improve the ability of intelligent assembly

solutions, to create more value for customers.



We encourage innovation and keep it as our source of vitality.

Deeply Understand customer needs and industry trends, strives to exceed expectations.


We keep people-oriented and fair to employees, customers, partners and peers.


4216com曾半仙We stick to our commitment and deliver reliable,

4216com曾半仙value added solutions to customers.


We listen and comprehend diverse needs from both internal and external.

Keep team spirit and timely respond.


We keep modest and courteous.


The social responsibility

Responsibilities to employees:

Improve operation and management, achieve sustainable and steady development of the enterprise,

and create high-quality working environment and living conditions for employees.

Responsibilities to users:

Continuous research and development and innovation,

4216com曾半仙and providing users with cost-effective products.

Responsibility for environmental protection:

4216com曾半仙Optimize internal management and reduce enterprise energy consumption; Continuous technical

innovation to provide customers with low energy consumption products.


Quality policy

With reliable technology and products to serve the domestic and foreign markets,

scientific management and innovative technology to achieve sustainable development, meet and exceed customer expectations!